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So much of the work we do here at Mobycon is about connecting with people, sharing our knowledge and showing people how Dutch design and policy can be used to inspire change locally. For years this has included masterclasses, workshops and study tours both locally and abroad. In April 2020, we expanded those offerings to include regular digital webinars in order to provide interactive online content no matter where people are in the world. Today, through the introduction of the Mobycon Academy, we are taking online learning to the next level!

An online, FREE, subscription-based platform, Mobycon Academy features new webinars, exclusive Q&A sessions, digital study tours, interviews with special guests, and plenty of additional, specialized content each month. Building upon our existing consulting work, Mobycon Academy allows us to connect with our peers around the world and share expertise and knowledge. Our ever-expanding offering of digital learning tools cover broad topics including Dutch design, policy, and planning, Sustainable Safety, as well as more fine-grained knowledge on specific design details and how to apply them in a local context in any community.

With new content added every month, there’s sure to be lots to keep you inspired!

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Mobycon Academy is a one-stop-shop for all your digital learning needs. By subscribing as a free member, you stay informed about all our new and upcoming content, and we stay better connected with you to make sure we are delivering content that meets your needs! Membership means being the first to hear about upcoming events, easy access to all past sessions, as well as exclusive access to digital downloads of past presentations, resource materials, and additional reading. Never miss an event and stay connected with us by subscribing to Mobycon Academy today.

Coming up on the Academy

Last year, Mobycon helped implement a week long tactical urbanism project in Batumi, Georgia, as part of the Safe Way to School program, a coordinated effort by Batumi City Hall, Mobility4Cities, GIZ, and Black Sea Eco Academy. During the pilot, the street in front of Public School #14 was opened to pedestrians and cyclists, providing schoolchildren with a place to play. The planning process was driven by the community and engaged students, parents, and teachers to create a safe, inviting public space.

In this Mobycon Academy, Communications and Engagement Advisor Melissa Bruntlett sits down with Rusudan Zhozhadze, Head of Municipal Policy Department at Batumi City Hall. Rusudan shares her reflections on the Safe Way to School program, the role of tactical urbanist projects in developing sustainable mobility in Batumi, and potential ways to move forward.

Learn more about the project and check out the Tactical Urbanism Playbook, produced by Mobycon, summarizing the project and offering a framework for other schools in Batumi and beyond here.

Watch the video from Thursday, April 18, 2023, at 14:00 CEST/ 8:00 EST on our YouTube channel HERE.

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Cycling around the world


Spend an hour with our experts as they take you through a variety of topics including Dutch design principles, Sustainable Safety, encouragement and behaviour change and more. Each webinar provides a thorough look into many of the methodologies and approaches we apply with our partners both locally and abroad, providing contextual examples of how they have been applied. With interactive polling throughout the webinar and a minimum of 15 minutes of Q&A following the presentation, these informative sessions will help inspire your current and future projects.

Digital Study Tours

Not everyone can experience Dutch mobility in-person. Our digital study tours provide the opportunity to experience cycling in the Netherlands from the comfort of your home. Join our Dutch colleagues as they ride through various Dutch cities, highlighting the historical context for many of the changes within the public space, as well as more fine-grained infrastructure details. Using the 360-camera, participants get a complete picture of how Dutch cities continue to work towards safe, sustainable traffic solutions.

Q&A Sessions

If we’ve learned anything, it’s that sometimes 15 minutes is just not enough time to answer all your questions. These 1-hour sessions give participants the opportunity to pre-submit questions to our experts about to gain more precise insight into their mobility design challenges. Using tangible, real-life examples, our experts talk participants through best practices, applying their technical knowledge and background to help you find solutions to some of your more difficult projects.

Special Guest Interviews

Join us as we sit down for informal discussions with experts in the Netherlands and internationally that are at the forefront of many innovative design decisions in sustainable mobility. Learn from leaders in planning, policy, design and more. Our special guest interviews will give you more context into many of the historical decisions that led to the Netherlands high cycling rates, and share the inspiring work they continue to do to keep pushing the boundaries of creating better streets for all users.

Studytour Delft

Every month 3 webinars and much more!
See a preview and let Shelley Bontje take you on a ride through the city of Delft.

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