About Mobycon Academy

So much of the work we do here at Mobycon is about connecting with people, sharing our knowledge and showing people how Dutch design and policy can be used to inspire change locally. For years this has included masterclasses, workshops and study tours both locally and abroad. In April 2020, we expanded those offerings to include regular digital webinars in order to provide interactive online content no matter where people are in the world. Today, through the introduction of the Mobycon Academy, we are taking online learning to the next level!

An online and free platform Mobycon Academy features new webinars, exclusive Q&A sessions, digital study tours, interviews with special guests, and plenty of additional, specialized content each month. Building upon our existing consulting work, Mobycon Academy allows us to connect with our peers around the world and share expertise and knowledge. Our ever-expanding offering of digital learning tools cover broad topics including Dutch design, policy, and planning, Sustainable Safety, as well as more fine-grained knowledge on specific design details and how to apply them in a local context in any community.

Our Team

Melissa Bruntlett
Melissa BruntlettCommunications and Engagement Advisor
Lennart Nout
Lennart NoutManager of International Strategy
Mary Elbech
Mary ElbechIntegrated Mobility Consultant
Zach Vanderkooy
Zach VanderkooyIntegrated Mobility Consultant
Eveline De Jong
Eveline De JongMobility Advisor
Johan Diepens
Johan DiepensCEO
Anna Wyner
Anna WynerSustainable Mobility Consultant
Angela van der Kloof
Angela van der KloofStrategic Advisor
Bernhard Ensink
Bernhard EnsinkStrategic Advisor
Elizabeth Allingham
Elizabeth AllinghamDirector – North America
Stephen Kurz
Stephen KurzMobility Advisor
Marijn Diepens
Marijn DiepensContent Creator
Brett Petzer
Brett PetzerMobility Advisor
Moniek Jansen
Moniek JansenMobility Advisor
Robin Kleine
Robin KleineMobility Advisor

About Mobycon

Mobycon is a Dutch-North American consultancy specializing in the development and implementation of innovative and sustainable mobility solutions nationally and internationally. As a multi-disciplinary team of traffic engineers, urban planners, economists, and human geographers, Mobycon delivers diverse, integrated mobility products and consulting services. Our work supports the development of healthy, connected, liveable communities with the goal to provide people with mobility options and to reduce car dependence.

With over 30 years of experience locally and abroad, Mobycon is applying Dutch knowledge to support mobility innovation in the Netherlands, across Europe and throughout North America. We focus on working with local partners, applying decades of knowledge and experience to help our clients develop tailor-made, local solutions that maximize safety and accessibility for the mobility of all users. Our approach to addressing complex planning, design and policy challenges relies on bridging the gaps between the high-quality infrastructure, programming, engagement and institutional processes. All these combine to help us achieve our founder, Johan Diepens’ mission: To make the world less dependent on the car!