What is Mobycon Academy?

Mobycon Academy is a subscription-based content platform allowing our experts and partners to share knowledge and expertise on sustainable mobility planning, design, policy, engagement and more. Mobycon Academy is an easy way to access all* our digital webinars, Q&A sessions, interviews, digital study tours and anything else we share digitally.

*Access to content depends on subscription level

What are the subscription levels?

Mobycon Academy provides four different subscription levels to meet your needs. Intro to Mobycon Academy is free to subscribe and includes one free webinar per month. Friends of Mobycon for individuals provides a low subscription rate for people who want to attend our monthly webinars as well as our premium content (interviews, study tours, etc.). Friends of Mobycon Professional has two subscription options, light and standard, depending on the size of your organization and/or team and includes personalized time with our experts each month. Click HERE to see all levels and pricing.

Who is Mobycon Academy for?

Mobycon Academy is geared towards anyone working or advocating for sustainable urban mobility who wants to expand their knowledge and expertise. More specifically, our sessions are aimed at the following backgounds:

  • Roadway and intersection design
  • Traffic engineering
  • Traffic Safety
  • Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning
  • Bicycle and Pedestrian Advocacy
  • Transportation and City Planning
  • Pavement marking design
  • Civil engineering
  • Vision Zero
  • Living streets
  • Sustainable Cities
  • Engagement and Communications

Why is some content no longer free?

By offering some content for a small monthly or annual fee, we can ensure the highest quality of content is delivered each month. Fees contribute to various costs like space and equipment rentals, production rates, and administrative fees.

Why a subscription-based platform?

By asking our audience to subscribe to Mobycon Academy, we can better identify who is attending our sessions, where in the world they are from, and what kinds of content generates the greatest interest. This allows us to better cater our sessions to what you want to learn about most, giving you the best tools to apply to your current and future projects.

How will I hear about new/upcoming sessions?

Prior to any new sessions, a newsletter will be sent out to all subscribers with event details, date and time. A follow-up email will be sent within 24 hours of the event with a dedicated link accessible only to subscribers. Mobycon also sends a bi-weekly newsletter sharing content, upcoming events and other information. If you would like to subscribe to this newsletter, click HERE.

How can I access live sessions?

About 24 hours prior to the event all subscribers* will receive an email with a dedicated link to the session. Simply click the link when the event is schedule to begin and you can attend the livestream.

*Depending on subscription level, some events will not be available to all subscribers. I.E. Premium content will only be sent to Friends of Mobycon members.

What happens if I miss the livestream?

All sessions* will be available to watch back after the livestream event.

*Premium content will only be available to watch back for Friends of Mobycon subscribers.

What payment options are available?

You can pay for your subscription by credit card, PayPal, iDeal and Alipay. Prices are in Euros and will be adjusted for local exchange rates by payment option selected at time of purchase.

How will I find out about future sessions?

About 1 week before each session, you will receive a dedicated email about upcoming sessions, including a link to register.

What is included in the “Premium Content”?

Premium content is available to all paid subscriptions (excl. Intro to Mobycon Academy) and includes the following content:

  • Q&A Sessions
  • Digital Study Tours
  • Special Guest Interviews
  • Dutch Design Detail Mini Sessions
  • PDF downloads of past presentations
  • Downloads of resource materials
  • and more….

My organization has a Professional level membership. How do I access our call with a Mobycon expert included in our package?

If you know which expert you wish to connect with, you can find their details on our team page HERE. If you are unsure who will be best to help you with your question, please contact academy@mobycon.com with the details of your question and we will match you with the expert suited to helping you.

Are training credits available for Professional Organizations (i.e. CIP, APEG, ITE, etc.)

While we don’t currently offer training credits, we are looking into it. Stay tuned!

Does Mobycon Academy offer customized sessions?

Yes! We are always happy to work with partners to offer customized content for your event, organization or city. Please contact academy@mobycon.com and include your details, groups size, budget, and what type(s) of content you are looking for, and we will work with you to develop a program to meet your needs and budget.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription by emailing academy@mobycon.com academy@mobycon.com. Please note we require 30 days notice for all cancellations.

I have an Intro to Mobycon Academy subscription and would like to level up to a Friends of Mobycon Academy subscription. How do I do that?

It’s easy! Simply log into your account, go the “My Account” page and select the “Subscriptions” tab. There you can change your subscription level at any time.